przełącz na polski

📆 25.6. - 27.6.2021

🚩Pułtusk, Poland

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2020 results

Read between the lines...

Who is TOP CAT?

🏆🎉 The TOP CAT is the boss of the band. In the 2020 edition FUJ from Prague have claimed the title. Maybe your team is the the next TOP CAT?

What is the TOP CAT tournament like? 🤔✏





🎈 We are 10 years old!

2020 marks 10 years since we started building our team. Together we have worked hard to create the ultimate squad, bonding while training and competing in different parts of the world. We’ve climbed many trees and sometimes fallen but, rest assured, always landing on 4 feet. All these shared experiences have had a great impact on us and our lives, and we’d love nothing more than to celebrate that with you. Because without you, there wouldn’t be us. Thank you!
The time has come for the big finale of Season 1 of "Zawierucha" - We are about to organise the best ever ultimate frisbee tournament yet!
As a main thought, we throw to the wind the famous hat of T.C. from Top Cat cartoon and get to work. We are preparing for the highest quality final outcome with a big dose of attractions which you’ve never seen. Just you wait...

🎉 The TOP CAT’s Programme

herb pułtuskaThe event will be hosted in Pułtusk, a picturesque town by the river Narew. We’ve chosen that spot because it’s both close to nature and easy to reach. Pułtusk is also called the Venice of Mazovia, for its cute, little canals. Apart from that, we were enchanted by its excellent sports facilities and hospitality.

...............Why choose the TOP CAT 2021?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 12 top European teams

🏆 Pułtusk Mayor’s Cup for SOTG winner

🤠 hand-made HAT Cup for the TOP CAT (the winner)

🎁 attractive prizes

🐸 3 ultimate frisbee fields with natural grass

🌞 3 days of high quality ultimate frisbee

🛬🚐 transport from Modlin / Warsaw - we'll organize it for you

🔴 live streaming from the field no. 1

🤹‍♂️ a chill-out zone with fisio service

🥙🥑🥔🥕🍲 a lot of tasty food (but not that much as last year)

🏰⛺ a castle for princes and princesses / open-air for hippies / and other acco options 😴

🌞🏊‍♀️ even more water fun than last year

🪔😻 a team building gigathlon (aka "The Ironmen")

🃏 the first UltiBlefik World Cup

🔥🎶 the ZWR Band’s 2nd debut

🛶⚓ lots of other attractions in the Venice of Mazovia... tba


✅ 2020 edition teams

We have 11 spots available + 1 spot for Zawierucha Birthday Team 🎉🌪

1 / 12
ZWR Birthday Team
2 / 12
muJahedini dysku, Warsaw, Poland
3 / 12
Flow, Wrocław, Poland
4 / 12
Óbuda Ultimate Team (OUT), Óbuda, Hungary
5 / 12
4hands, Warsaw, Poland
6 / 12
FUJ, Prague, Czechia
7 / 12
BUMP!, Brussels, Belgium
8 / 12
RJP, Warsaw, Poland
9 / 12
Czarna Kompania, Poznań, Poland
10 / 12
Rainbow Banana, Bohumín, Czechia
11 / 12
Grandmaster Flash, Warsaw, Poland
12 / 12
KWR Knury, Kamieniec Wrocławski, Poland

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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us!